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Actur8 Survey is a venture began two years ago with an objective to become a bridge between the customer and the brand in terms of ideology. We allow our clients to share their surveys on our platform and we give them deep insight into the perspectives and opinions of their customers. By sharing your survey at a platform having a high range of individuals, we tend to cover the maximum part of your target market.

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Our ideology is to provide an access to our clients with the direct insight of their customer’s opinions and thoughts, which will strategically improve their marketing strategy and approach. Also, we provide a platform for users to share their perspectives and opinions about a certain aspect and in return earn rewards in cryptocurrencies. This makes us a lucrative option for both clients as well as users.


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At Global Survey, we allow our clients to enjoy quick methods to dive into the world of customer insight. Also, the reward system for our users, who fill in the surveys makes us prominent among all market survey service providers. We have a group of intelligent professionals who have carefully streamlined the process to provide convenience to both the parties. We have provided a platform to our clients on which they can share surveys to which our users will respond. We have even provided guidelines to our users through which they can frame these surveys. As a reward, we are going to pay a portion of cryptocurrency holdings to the users who fill out the forms. This is to encourage individuals to contribute to the process of marketing. The reason for choosing crypto coins is that they are the most acceptable and universal. Being an electronic medium, we can assure users about their rewards from all over the world.

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